why me?

why did i get this illness?

what did i do to deserve such suffering?

why don’t people understand the depth of my symptoms?


everyone asks why did i get this condition? we all try and figure out what could of triggered it. we all have our own views on what set the condition off and why it all started?

there are many examples of family members having ME/CFS or FMS from generation to generation. the link to genetics is accepted but the genes affected are not defined clearly and no genetic tests exist for routine testing.

whether its ME/CFS or FMS or some other medical condition, i think everyone asks ‘why me?’

i dont think you should take it personally. you did not get your condition because you did something bad or you are being punished. that is nonsense. everyone gets something. some people get diabetes and others have heart conditions. everyone gets something. some people develop life-long illnesses from childhood while others are pretty healthy until their later life. it might be allergies, bowel conditions, vision problems or cancer. everyone gets something.

don’t berate yourself about having ME/CFS or FMS or any other associate conditions that you may have in association.

everyone gets something. no-one is healthy all the time. we all have health issues of varying degrees.

accept it and aim to make the best of your situation to the best of your ability. day to day, hour by hour.

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