feeling alone

i think one of the scariest feelings about the onset of my FMS symptoms back in 1999 was feeling alone. having loving friends and parents around me was a blessing and something i will always be grateful for. but suffering the symptoms without others around me ever experiencing the same issues was difficult and isolating.

having doctors and medical professionals that also had limited understanding of what was going on with the condition and the considerable delays of any notable diagnosis added to feeling alone.

its a shockingly scary experience to have a full-blown onset of FMS symptoms.

in no time in my life have i felt as alone as in the depths of the onset of my illness symptoms. i’ve had 3 onsets in the last 13 years since my illness began. each time it re-ignites a feeling of loneliness in the sense that the medical community are unable to detect the severity of an onset and you are left to battle the symptoms alone.

remember that you are not alone. there are many sufferers experiencing the same feelings of isolation and frustration. finding a support group, even if online, is a great opportunity to connect with others who have and are suffering the same issues you are dealing with everyday.

you are never alone, no matter how isolated you feel because of your illness.

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