About The Author

Bernadette Snopek has written SILENT PAIN to help other sufferers of FMS and ME/CFS illnesses. Her onset of symptoms in 1999 caused major changes in her health, well-being, lifestyle and social functioning. She has shared a personal view of her illness in this her first authored book. She is a university graduate of Science – Biochemistry and Human Physiology with Honors in Molecular Biology. She has worked for the past two decades in the Life Science/Diagnostics area in sales, marketing and product manager roles.

Her belief that her illness had more to it than what her medical peers were suggesting has led her to write about her view of fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. Her background in science let her examine her illness in a unique way leading to a theory that fibromyalgia syndrome is made up of two distinct disease families – neither of which can be easily diagnosed via a simple blood test.